Exfoliant I and II


A nonabrasive deep-cleansing treatment for at-home use. Incorporating fruit acids and enzymes in their natural state, Exfoliants I and II remove dead cells. The procedure brightens sallow skin, lightens brown spots, and tightens the pores giving the skin a more firm, clear, and youthful appearance.

For best results use treatment three days in a row, then at least once a week.

Exfoliant I and Exfoliant II may be purchased separately but are intended to be used together.

How to Use

Cleanse skin perfectly. Apply Exfoliant I to the entire face and neck, avoiding eye contact. While the skin is still moist, place a thin film of Exfoliant II over the same area. Lightly massage. After a short time the cream will ball. After most of the cream has come off, moisten fingertips with water and continue to massage for a few more minutes. Cleanse entire face with Cleansing Milk. Remove with a moist sponge or wash cloth.