Treatment Plans


Aging Skin

Deep lines and wrinkles with a lack of tone and droopy appearance. Pigment may be uneven and bruising may easily occur because of poor circulation.

Reduction of lines and wrinkles; improve tone, circulation, and general health of skin.

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Water-Dry Skin

Flaky and crepey with some sensitive and rashy areas. The skin may even be oily with clogged pores. This occurs most often with overtreatment that is drying. Pigment may be uneven.

Firm, smooth texture and even translucent color.

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Oil-Dry Skin

No visible pores. Skin can be sensitive and reddens easily. Cheeks may have many miniscule bumps that feel rough to the touch.

A smooth, soft skin and even translucent color.

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Enlarged Pores

Thick orange peel texture with pores that may or may not be clogged.

Better tone with reduced pore size.

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Congested Skin

Visible blackheads and whiteheads; poor color.

Better tone with reduced pore size.

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Pigmentation Problems

Skin color uneven. A base color with spots ranging anywhere from white to black.

The base color visible only.

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Dull Sallow Skin

Flat, dull appearance with a yellow or grayish cast.

Exposing the base color with a translucent quality.

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Oily Skin

Surface becomes greasy within two hours of cleansing. Due to over activity of the oil glands skin may become congested.

Reduce over activity of the oil glands and promote oil/water balance.

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Blackheads, pimples and/or pustules; scarring if left unattended.

Reduce over activity and prevent further infection.

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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often misconstrued as being allergic. It is commonly the result of over treatment and dehydration.

To encourage a healthier skin thus more resistant to environmental issues.

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Area is red along with small to large pustules. Occurs mainly in T zone.

To maintain cleanliness and hydration for maximum control.

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Sports Skin

Skin may have thickened with lines, wrinkles, uneven pigment and congestion.

A well managed skin that is as healthy and vibrant as the person wearing the skin.

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