About Roberta

Roberta J. Schneider is a leading authority in the United States on the care and treatment of the skin. She extensively studied the natural medicinal and healing properties of plants and other organic materials in relation to the skin's physiology and function. During her career, she gathered comprehensive data on the cultural aspects of skin in many countries throughout the world. Based on her knowledge and expertise, Roberta developed skin care techniques and formulated her own RJS line of skin care products comprised of natural, biological substances such as plant extracts, fruit acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and proteins. Her products and methods are extremely successful for a broad, multi-cultural clientele.

Roberta established her Skin Care Clinic in Sacramento, California in 1967, and successfully directed and educated thousands of men, women, and children about the care and treatment of their skin using her products. The end result is exceedingly healthy skin with a vibrant glow and beautiful complexion.

Roberta is recognized as an innovative leader in skin care and the RJS product line is sold throughout the United States. She was a licensed teacher and author of numerous articles about the care and treatment of skin.

Roberta passed away on March 8th, 2011 in her Land Park home after a 4½ year battle with ovarian cancer.