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Prevention and Management of Blackheads, Pimples and Acne October 01 2011, 0 Comments

Congested skin can become a challenge at any time during one’s life. Symptoms may appear as young as seven years and anytime thereafter. Prevention is the key. Start early on to develop good hygiene and skin management practices.

The plan that has worked for my clients over the years is simple and efficient. Consistency is very important.

Cleanse the skin every morning and every evening before retiring; It is also necessary to cleanse after sports activities that induce perspiration.

The steps for Proper Cleansing:

  1. We suggest the use of two types of Cleansers:
    Cleansing Milk to remove skin excretions and environmental deposits
    Cleansing Gel to effectly break down debris trapped in pores.
  2.  Use a moist clean wash cloth or sponge, with a circular motion, to gently cleanse the entire face and neck. (Don’t forget the hairline.)
  3.  Thoroughly rinse the face and neck with tepid water.
  4.  At this point application of the Astringent Toner, that has calming and antiseptic qualities, is a valuable asset.
  5.  Apply Moisture Lotion, which is a compatible light moisturizer for hydration.

This procedure will promote a perfectly clean well balanced skin. An additional benefit is a noticeable improvement in texture and color.

These four products are the essential basics for all skin care programs:

For Blackheads and pimples add: