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The 1st Annual Roberta J. Schneider Ovarian Cancer Bike Ride October 14 2013, 1 Comment

Watch this video about the 1st Annual Roberta J. Schneider Ovarian Cancer Bike Ride. "The Good, The Bad and The Balanced" was a fun bike ride along the American River to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research on Sunday, August 4th, 2013. All donations and sign up fees went to UC Davis / Roberta J. Schneider Trust for Women's Health Care.

Event sponsors included:

  • Peet's Coffee & Tea
  • Benefit Resources, Inc.
  • Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
  • California Power Law Group
  • Dowdell Financial Services

Season Changes and Skin Function March 06 2012, 0 Comments

Spring has arrived - Which means variables in temperature, high pollen counts and more sun.

Cold and windy weather requires additional protection for day, and additional hydration at night. The point is to keep skin function balanced in order to prevent dryness, irritability and aging.



Cleansing Milk morning (remove with tepid water), Collagen Complex, plus Moisture Lotion, plus Hydrating Cream (for those with delicate skin) wait ten minutes apply Protective Day Cream SPF 15


Cleansing Milk (remove with tepid water), Collagen Complex, Super Serum and Moisture Lotion plus Hydrating Cream (for those with delicate skin)

Warmer weather

Warmer Weather increases potential for perspiration and acceleration of skin activity. In this case you want to keep cells moving along to prevent congestion. Protection repair and hydration are mandatory.



Cleansing Milk and/or Cleansing Gel morning(also after sports activities) Collagen Complex plus Moisture Lotion plus Hydrating Cream (for those with delicate skin) wait ten minutes apply Protective Day Cream SPF 15


Cleansing Milk, Collagen Complex, plus Super Serum, plus Moisture Lotion; follow with Penetrating Oil, or Firming Treament Cream


Exfoliant One and Exfoliant Two should be used three to five times a week to regenerate new cells.

For very active skins:

Cleansing Gel, Problem Skin Mask, Problem Skin Cream

High pollen counts

Pollen can have an affect on skin especially for those who suffer from allergies-itching and irritation. Cleanse as soon as possible after exposure to dust and allergens. Use Cleansing Milk, follow with Moisture Lotion

Teen Skin Care November 01 2011, 0 Comments

By Roberta J. Schneider

Skin hygiene is as important as dental hygiene. Our skin is exposed to a wide variety of environmental factors yet we do not treat our skin with the attention it deserves. Good skin hygiene starts at an early age. By age seven, children should have already developed good skin care habits. At eight, oil glands go into gear and there may be an onset of small to very large blackheads and whiteheads, usually appearing in the hair line and on the nose and chin.

Roberta Schneider Founder of Roberta J. Schneider, Inc.

Prevention is the key.  Routine cleansing of the skin and hair must become a part of daily life.  Cleanse the skin two to three times a day, typically morning, after school or right after sports, if possible, and before bed.  Perspiration can aggravate skin problems.

Select a gentle gel cleanser that foams readily, emulsifies sebum and rinses away without leaving residue.  Using a clean moist wash cloth or sponge apply gel.  Use a circular motion to cleanse the entire face, including hair line and the areas under the chin and ears.  Rinse well.  Use tepid water only.  If the skin tends to be rough, exfoliation (no grains) may be done weekly.  Never overtreat the skin.  Products that are too strong or abrasive can aggravate the problem and damage the skin as well.  Apply a light moisturizer only if the skin is dry.  Sunscreens are advisable when out and about.

Keep hair clean.  Skin problems often start in the hair line.  Use light, uncomplicated shampoos and conditioners. 

Now that basic care has been established and your daughter has turned twelve, makeup will most likely enter into the program.  Working with color is fun, but keep it light.  Makeup base plus powder is a Big No No!  The combination closes off respiration and the skin cannot excrete properly, leading to congestion.

Makeup applicators should be washed daily or, if that is not possible, discard them and use cotton balls and swabs instead.  Makeup supplies should not be shared.  Wash hands before touching the face since hands can transfer and spread many diseases.

Along with the inclusion of makeup, hair care products will become more complicated.  Conditioners, styling gels and hair spray can definitely interfere with skin function.  Change pillow slips often.

So much for prevention.  If the starting point is congested skin, already troubled by whiteheads and blackheads, seek professional skin treatments and advice on acne maintenance and care.  A good treatment will thoroughly cleanse the skin, giving it a fresh start.  Treatments can prevent enlarged pores, pitting and scarring, as well as eliminate the likelihood of developing pustules and infections.  This is also an excellent way to establish the proper home care routine.  It does work.  The bottom line is to prevent damage.

Education on skin management is vital.  It can also help a child’s esteem, especially adolescents.  At a time when our children are still trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be, they are bombarded with external social pressure about how they should look, dress and act.  By giving them a little advice and some great techniques no amount of peer criticism or social pressure can take away a new-found self esteem.  All of this is about growing up with skin that will help build the confidence they need to face life!

Prevention and Management of Blackheads, Pimples and Acne October 01 2011, 0 Comments

Congested skin can become a challenge at any time during one’s life. Symptoms may appear as young as seven years and anytime thereafter. Prevention is the key. Start early on to develop good hygiene and skin management practices.

The plan that has worked for my clients over the years is simple and efficient. Consistency is very important.

Cleanse the skin every morning and every evening before retiring; It is also necessary to cleanse after sports activities that induce perspiration.

The steps for Proper Cleansing:

  1. We suggest the use of two types of Cleansers:
    Cleansing Milk to remove skin excretions and environmental deposits
    Cleansing Gel to effectly break down debris trapped in pores.
  2.  Use a moist clean wash cloth or sponge, with a circular motion, to gently cleanse the entire face and neck. (Don’t forget the hairline.)
  3.  Thoroughly rinse the face and neck with tepid water.
  4.  At this point application of the Astringent Toner, that has calming and antiseptic qualities, is a valuable asset.
  5.  Apply Moisture Lotion, which is a compatible light moisturizer for hydration.

This procedure will promote a perfectly clean well balanced skin. An additional benefit is a noticeable improvement in texture and color.

These four products are the essential basics for all skin care programs:

For Blackheads and pimples add:

The Bare Fact Is Skin Fitness September 11 2011, 0 Comments

Now that you are dedicated to a serious fitness program what about your skin? Unattended skin is not only unattractive, but also adds years to it’s appearance. Crepiness, uneven pigments, large pores and scales are some of the many conditions that make bareness questionable. Ok, so we can successfully cover it with layers of makeup and/or the big tan? Not so. This too can add years to the appearance and be most unattractive. Where do we begin? Getting down to the core of the matter requires the same discipline as losing ten pounds or lifting your derrier. Keep in mind, what you do or don’t do to your skin is the way it’s going to be.

Here Is The Plan:  Precision cleansing followed by individualized treatment and planning will retrain your skin to maximum fitness. Our many clients already know the rewards of our present skin care system. We would like to bring to your attention treatments that will not only rejuvenate the exterior, but the inner as well.

Complete Body Exfoliation:   Dry brushing smooths away roughness, promotes circulation i.e., pink, smooth and wonderful. Follow with bath or shower then apply Moisture Lotion to the entire body. Once a week will promote a healthier younger looking skin.

Let’s Talk About Grooming:   Smooth skin includes removal of unwanted hair. The choices are cutting off the hair (shaving or depilating) to the surface of the skin. This is not only inconvenient and at times dangerous but inefficient, still leaving a residue of visible hair. Removing unwanted hair with wax epilates the hair from below the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and beautiful for several days at a time. Follow with Astringent Toner and Moisture Lotion.

Remember... skin fitness is the key to good looks!